Monday, 30 May 2016

Yapping Away~~

salam readers! may peace be upon you :)

ouch! the title for this entry (gross, not to mean). haha.

but that's the truth.
Got workloads to be done, since i'm going back to melaka this weekend, to celebrate 1st Ramadhan with family ((hurrayyyyy!!)) **happy face**

well, i just started my mini career as a tutor ((very much enjoy it)) ever since i started my 3rd year studies last semester. Officially to declare i guess,,((since they put my name in their official blog)):

Often, I get invitations to provide a class on behalf of NHT.
I always politely decline telling them that I can't do so due to my packed schedule ...wuuu **cry**
only manage to attend one session for additional mathematics for spm candidates previously ((obviously they are brilliant, n i won't hv to teach much))

 it got tousled a bit though...pheww.
i like to spread things i know..
i like to help on those needy..
but surely i'm not that capable on doing this in money basis,,cuz i'm a student yaww!!
the only good things i can give, and spread are knowledge!!
but happened to be that i found it was a bit tough to make myself better-suited with such schedule.
n as a result, few classes that i got need to be forgone.
How i wish i can hv much demand for classes this upcoming holiday.
Yes, I already get 'homework' for this holiday.
but i want to contribute something that i already know too.
it's awesome you know!
teach n tutoring for fun.
i'll be satisfied once the student i taught hv a good grasp in particular subjects.

should stop,
need to prepare for my Wednesday test.
Till then.

~~life is indeed beautiful, and i love challenge, kind of adrenaline-rush for me~~
p/s: Happy fasting guys!!! Ahlan ya ramadhon **am excited**

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

" dear Allah, please ease my stuffs, and give me strength to do these. Verily you are most gracious most merciful.."