Tuesday, 16 September 2014


I'm exactly 20 y/o !
Thanks to the omnipresent god for granting all my wishes all this while.
Being given the chance to savour those up and down in life can be truly said as a fantastic living paraphernalia.
Challenge is my cardio.
Award is my booster.
And after all, these make me to be even more stronger than i would have ever expected before.
It makes me wiser (hopefully)

Just got a call from my beloved parents, and apparently their support for me never fade off,, just like the rays of the sun that never stop from shining over the lush green greeneries during summers.

I feel better. Stronger. Indeed.

May Allah ease the journey that i would have to go through in the upcoming time.

~~bye, got to proceed on my sort of preparation for tomorrow's class : Linear Algebra~~