Monday, 4 November 2013

Learn More

I notice one thing.
that...I want to make it simple.
just read more. learn more.
know what,,I think the best way to get relevant information is by doing your task regardless of how tedious that might be..indeed..tedious,tiring but worthwhile to be endured.

p/s : haritu masa FIMACS (seminar math + sains dlm perspektif islam ),,Prof Dr eskandar pesan yg we hv to tune our mind..Buka minda..ur in math,,also in economic. Economy is always undergo evolution. Kamu yg brtggjwb fikirkan solusi utk setiap isu ekonomi + kewangan,,tapi bukan cakap kosong...must be proven mathematically..jatuh bangun kewangan brgantung pd cara kamu brfikir nanti...
macam mana islam terapkan konsep "perfect competition" ,,macamtu jgklah kamu perlu faham ianya kadang2 bermula dari "monopoly market",,dan akhirnya setelah kira2 "derivatif" (x kisah berapa kali differentiation pun),,ianya akan berakhir dgn "perfect competition".

senyap. diam. otak berfikir apa maksud Dr.

*dari awal dah terfikir benda yg sama yg mcm dr ckp,,tapi takut salah pulak..=D

mungkin logik akal aku boleh pakai kali ni....mungkinla..

~selamat menyambut maal hijrah~

Saturday, 1 June 2013


To be exact, this entry was initially written on 2012.
Until then I reread this entry, and alhamdulillah I think I have made the right choice.
Nope. I didn't go for this offer.
But I thank god for revealing me the wisdom of my choice gradually.

" But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you; and perhaps you love a thing and it is bad for you. And Allah Knows, while you know not. "

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Living Of Calculus

I just wanna share a video which has really really really SLAP me literally.
I used to be dummies in numbers , asking how exactly I can use my mathematical knowledge in daily life.
If it comes to Biology , I can say it is hugely related to our medication.
When it goes to Chemistry , this might be useful for our material consumption (( it just like,how to choose the best quality for your products consumption)) .

C0nfuse of what I was trying to say ? 
Ok , let's take a look for an example , if you tend to buy a special lustrous-metallic pictures frame , and you want it made from the best quality ever , and the only left are Titanium n common , pretty sure the ones made from titanium would be choosen , ((here,,we use chemistry,,since we know that it is freaking strong ))

but...... ,when it goes to math....function , calculus , limits...ugh  "how on earth i can practice them in my life??" " heyy,,we don't say to use 1+1=2 2+2=4,,just to buy groceries , that's not really the math that we learnt,,,i mean,,the unexplicable math that you guys can't simply use your fingers to figure out the answer...~~calculus~~...
Till one day,,I watched this video,,,actually math don't directly show up to you of how it could be useful in its own way...I mean,,indirectly,,math is 'teaching' us to guide our lives...briefly,,to make a simple "calculation" for every action that we're about to take.....
lets have a watch :

~~see,,how allah has created the knowledge for it's own good...
how mesmerizing right ! :)

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Reality Is So Real

I used to admit that my blog is just my fairyland before , till then I begin to change up my mind..
Whenever I got something to be blurted , or maybe to be shared , blog , twitter , facebook aren't exactly the things that come cross my mind.

Hmm,,maybe I've just created those for fun. FUN SERIOUSLY?? Err,maybe just sort of babbling...Yes , you would have to agree with me , whenever you talk on something , you would probably feel as if your burdens flow out together with your layout could be my 'motivation fairyland' , just in case if I need one.

Doing mistakes by mistakes...keep repeating the same..
sometimes I have to admit this..I felt guilty...,,then I ask forgiveness from my Lord,,then , commit the sin again..
Its just like I'm not serious wf my repentance..shame on me.. shame..then,,when it c0mes to shaytan's whisper,,Zahirah might someh0w  'lost her balance'..

You might wonder to know why I wrote this entry,,pretty sure it does sound like a bitch who had created big + mess be brief,,a bulk of...
well,,it's up to you to judge..but basically,,I just tend to write this entry with my heart openly...with the reality,,that I am just a human,,who belongs to the Lord,,yes,,to my lord,--ALLAH S.W.T
It's not necessarily for us to have a repentance just only after committing sins right??
In fact,,we should try to avoid any any any any....

You know,,I just read the main content of that 'ceramah' ,written by a friend...,.,there's a question regarding repentance::
"ustaz, will Allah accept our taubah (repentance) eventhough we keep commiting sins and after that seek for forgiveness, and the cycle goes on ?"

then,,what did he answered??

''ALLAH loves the one who seeks for HIS forgiveness,,it shows that your heart is still feel guilty for committing sins,,,and you try to put all the things back...."

Thanks to allah f0r HIS forgiveness...
This somehow reminds me that nobody on this world perfect , yet , there's always room for improvement.

~when the sun goes down,,and the light burns out,,then its time for you to shine,,,brighter than shooting star,,,so shine no matter where you are~

Goshhh,,its just a song,,okay readers,lets cut the crap off~~
But,,again,,i repeat,,**high enthusiasm**
''I believe,,there's nothing impossible to a willing heart...''

Right , after a long break from blogging , now I'm not pretty sure how to end my entry.
but , of all I know : by remembering ALLAH in my little heart.

“Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad), jika benar kamu mencintai Allah, maka ikutilah aku, nescaya Allah akan mencintaimu & mengampunkan dosa-dosamu . Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.”
(Surah Ali-Imran 3 : 31)