Tuesday, 5 November 2013


tiada istilah 'infiniti @ undefined' dalam usaha..

                       tiada istilah 'derivatives' dlm rezeki....

   tiada istilah 'polynomial' dlm jaulah hidup...

tiada Sang oksigen tanpa Sang karbon dioksida...

seperti juga tiada nafas tanpa helaan.


Monday, 4 November 2013



i notice one thing.
that...i want to make it simple.
just read more. learn more.
know what,,i think d best way to get relevant information is by doing ur task regardless of how tedious that might be..indeed..tedious,tiring but worthwhile to be endured...insya allah..

p/s : haritu masa FIMACS (seminar math + sains dlm perspektif islam ),,Prof Dr eskandar pesan yg we hv to tune our mind..Buka minda..ur in math,,also in economic. Economy is always undergo evolution. Kamu yg brtggjwb fikirkan solusi utk setiap isu ekonomi + kewangan,,tapi bukan cakap kosong...must be proven mathematically..jatuh bangun kewangan brgantung pd cara kamu brfikir nanti...
macam mana islam terapkan konsep "perfect competition" ,,macamtu jgklah kamu perlu faham ianya kadang2 bermula dari "monopoly market",,dan akhirnya setelah kira2 "derivatif" (x kisah berapa kali differentiation pun),,ianya akan berakhir dgn "perfect competition".

senyap. diam. otak berfikir apa maksud Dr.

*dari awal dah terfikir benda yg sama yg mcm dr ckp,,tapi takut salah pulak..=D

mungkin logik akal aku boleh pakai kali ni....mungkinla..

~selamat menyambut maal hijrah

salam..nak sambung study.

Friday, 30 August 2013


whoaa,,kind of astounding for not updating my blog awhile..
and now,i don't exactly know how to start this entry..that's the reason why i put this entry's caption as "d00dle...d00dle...do" ---yupp,,i make a doodle for this entry,,n will definitely do it for real..
((ahhaa,,bajet serius kahh ayat atas ni?,,maaf :)  ))
and,,above all,,alhamdulillah atas nikmat ISLAM dan IMAN...
my holiday really gonna comes to it's end by now...
i've been offered to proceed my study for BSc. (Hons) Financial Mathematics at Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM)
((yupp,,it takes 8semesters for me to complete my degree.....hmm,,then,,maybe masters? phd?..))((again,,let's pray for me guys))
so,,retrospectively,,i've filled my leisure moment with reading,,cooking,,driving,,n yupp of coz all these fell into helping my parents..
so,, i gonna share what i've read here n there..
I have loved quotes for about as long as I have learnt what the word 'quote' means..
Having put that in context, i shall start this entry by quoting Pablo Neruda who wrote, amongst many others :

"Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.

As your body cuts through the air, think of only the things that made you smile, the people that made 

you love, the ideas that made you strong.

Remember, those things will never happen again but they cannot unhappen.

Remember, what you felt can't ever be taken away.

Remember, you are part of a beautiful story that did not start when you were born.

And it will not end when you die.


and so i've decided to go on a small leap of retreats, so i can remember n forget.
So i can ask questions and receive answers.
So i can get lost and be found.
So i can be a better servant of allah,,a better daughter,,a better sister,,a better remarkable student : D

i'm utterly fascinated by this one from Terry Pratchett:
"why do you go away?So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from,,

the new eyes and extra colours. And the people there see you differently too..Coming back to where you  

 started is not the same as never leaving"


and as a muslim, i fervently believe in allah's grace,,as i knew HE said :

“It may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you, and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows, you know not,” (2:216)

yupppyy,,i guess memorising quranic versus would teach you a lot....having a thumb through it's definition would definitely lighten your spirit up :)

We may not realize it, but the reason we always see things negatively is because we always have a choice. We are in our own comfort zone. It may not be enough, but we will make do. In order to seek the knowledge we want, we live and struggle for it. And there is no such a thing called 'too late to learn'. There's strength within ourselves... and that whatever strength they have that makes them this powerful, I can have that too.
I can.
We all can.

~wallahualam...may allah bless us :) 

Tuesday, 25 June 2013


""hmmm,,too young too dumb to realise,,,that i should have..."",,said bruno mars in his song..
ok then,,,it's just a lyric..
we are just a servant of allah...
we've to realise that so soon,,where our destination would be ended..
h0w we should strive our lives...
and this life should be sailed wisely based on quran n hadith,,thats our precious guidance :)
i notice that,,sometimes,,it's undeniably true that we've got to ask regarding matters happening in our lives,,but sometimes not...
s0metimes,,we shouldn't argue for a thing in this life,,because sometimes they are meant to be accepted..
just like s0lving a word puzzle,,you've just gotta solve the words that you know first,,follow the flow,,then,,finally you will come to a full solution..
set in mind that you have to complete the puzzle,,struggling,,follow the flow,,,then,,,BINGO!!
that is a bit how our lives goes for...
we've got to know,,where our destination really might lead,,
same goes if we view writing analogically...we can actually get the similarity with our lives..
When we really think about what a piece of writing means, it can have a profound effect on us, and I believe that these effects are what one looks for in any piece of literature. A piece of writing can only be appreciated when we have a connection with its message or its beauty or its essence. And that piece of literature may live on inside the reader, breathing it life even after its demise from the bookshelves, because those effects in the heart of man will affect the way a person views the the things around him or her and alter, however significantly, their decisions in the future, having a real effect on the world.
writing and effect,,,is just like life and the hereafter...
we've got to  perform holistically in striving to allah's blessings...:)
I am who I am today mostly because of what I've read, either from books, subtitles, song lyrics, articles on the internet, tweets,facebooks etc. Imam Hassan al-Banna was quoted for saying something
along the lines of "To know a person, look at what he reads".
what you read defines you..
but i have made a big mistake in understanding this...
you have to reflect once you read...
reading without reflection is just like eating without digestion...
s0,,it's not pretty enough by merely read,,,you've got to discover this big world..
y0u've gotta go out ,,view the world as yourselves...
but,,always remember,,we live by ALLAH's grace...yupppy,,always remember that..

be an enjoyable person,,,live your life to the fullest!!
:) :) ;)
p/s : selamat menyambut ramadhan!!upgrade iman,,delete d0sa okay!
puasa ni harap2 biarlah dgn penuh semangat,,
barula raya pun nanti semangat!!
yeayy!! :)

Saturday, 1 June 2013


salam alaik...
**syukur sebab still dberi peluang utk hidup ***breath in,,breath out...
i'm 0ff f0r approximately 4 months....cuti sem yg kemain panjang...
biasela manusia,,bile nikmat ade depan mata,,mulalah nak sia2 kan..
masa belajar nak cuti,,masa cuti,,rindu nk belajar pulak...jgn kufur nikmat sudaa...
n,,macam orang lain jgk,,mase cuti ni la baru sibuk nak mngemas bilik bagai...
**rak buku yg seriously need some sort of  ''clean-up'' session..
 unexpectedly,,terjumpa buku ''inspirasiku'' masa sekolah dulu...alaa,,kalau time sekolah dulu,,mesti ade certain teachers yg suruh student2 buat buku khas,,n jot down all targets accademically...
s0,, i got one too...
and,,ade satu page,,ckg suruh describe fully pasal our favoured university after spm...
**tengok tu,,,hisyy,,nak kena ckg suruh jugak...
*oke,,jgn jd mcmni,,spatutny kena buat tanpa disuruh..**peace..
as student,,kita perlu KAAF.  BA. RA. KAAF. ALIIFF.  TAA.  NUNN. ((keberkatan))
jadi,,obey t0 our teachers' instruction as long as it is righteous..
ok2,,fav0ured university...what i wr0te during that time?
masa tu,,just fikir sbb nak seek experience j..
bumi anbiya',,sapa tak suka...

....and now....

got this offer letter...ada hikmah dpt tawaran mcm ni skrg..sebab,,kalau dapat exactly after spm dulu,,confirm main accept je..
tapi,,sekarang otak dah up sikit ((mungkinlaa))...at least,,dapat jgk spend masa,,fikir masak2...
n,,memberanikan diri tanya macam2 orang yg brpngalaman...
thanks bebanyak kpd org2 yg terbabit,,sebab sudi jawab soalan drpd chekk kakkss ini..bertubi-tubi plak tu soalan..
even tabung pend. negeri pun bagi sch0lar,,but,,apparently,,a lot of things have to be c0nsidered..
n as in my humble opinion,,hidup ni,, isn't all about us,,,a lot need to be considered...
redha je dgn ape yg allah gerakkan...sbb,,hati ni,,allah yg punya...jadi,,hanya DIA yg berhak gerakkan...
so,,maknanya,,dekat mana2 pun,,yg penting niat belajar msti betul...sriusly,,ilmu allah banyak yg kita kena faham...
ilmu allah sgt banyak weyh!!
n please c0rrect ur perception if u just think that "knowledge'' can only be obtained from books..
n,, we're not just striving for one aspect only,,there's a lot 0f aspects need t0 be empowered!


p/s;;Allah gives what we need,,not what we want...because allah knows us better than ourselves did...

---may peace be upon you---

Monday, 13 May 2013


Salam alaik guys....hye there..=)
pretty sure that you guys have recently celebrated mother's day through 1001 ways...let it be buying cakes,,baking cakes by yourselves ,,make the breakfast ((well,,macam tahu ja sapa punya cara nih..**BIG GRINN** )) ,,help your mum here and there,,make a brilliant wish,,bla..bla..bla...
it looks like we have to make up our mind as creative as possible to surprise our beloved ones..
hehe,,same goes for our beloved dad oke...
how grateful i feel for having mak n abah in my life...
heyyaa,,wait,,you guys should feel that way too upon ur parents keyyhh,,,
we're lucky,,for still having them in our lives...
hmm,,let's have a watch at this video,,it really,,really,,yes,,i mean really rend my heart..


So it made me think of how ungrateful I was of all the little things in life such as the ability to see, the ability to speak, still having my parents. 
So what are you going to do about it? Be more thankful, of course.


Allah does not charge a soul except [with that within] its capacity. It will have [the consequence of] what [good] it has gained, and it will bear [the consequence of] what [evil] it has earned. "Our Lord, do not impose blame upon us if we have forgotten or erred. Our Lord, and lay not upon us a burden like that which You laid upon those before us. Our Lord, and burden us not with that which we have no ability to bear. And pardon us; and forgive us; and have mercy upon us. You are our protector, so give us victory over the disbelieving people." - Surah al-Baqarah [2:286]

yupp,,those kids are freaking strong,,able to cope with their fate...Mine might be slightly different,----to live this life,,more comfortable than others will ever experience in their lives...
what should be implemented to those comfort that has been granted ??
what do you guys think...??

~~~~may peace be upon you!!~~~~


Saturday, 4 May 2013


salam alaik,,,may peace be up0n you guys,,
=====d0n't have much to be babbled here..
i just wanna share a vide0 which has really really really SLAP me ((**big grinn))
~ i used to be dummies in numbers,,asking h0w exactly i can use my math knowledge in daily life...
yeahh,,if it comes to biology,,i can say it is hugely related t0 our medication,,when it g0es to chemistry,,this might useful f0r our material consumption (( it just like,how to choose the best quality for y0ur products consumption))
           Errr,,c0nfuse huhh??===ok,,let's take a look f0r an example,,if you tend to buy a special lustr0us-metallic pictures frame,,and you want it made fr0m the best quality ever,,,and the only left are TITANIUM n common IRON...so,,pretty sure the ones made from titanium would be choosen,,((here,,we use chemistry,,since we know that it is freaking strong~~))

but...... i also w0nder myself,,when it goes to math....function,,calculus,,limits...=,= "how on earth i can practice them in my life??"" heyy,,we don't say to use 1+1=2 2+2=4,,just to buy things,,that's not really the math that we learnt,,,i mean,,the unexplicable math that you guys can't simply use your fingers to figure out the answer...~~calculus~~...
till one day,,i met this vide0,,yezza,,actually math don't directly show up to you 0f how it could be useful in its own way...i mean,,indirectly,,math is 'teaching' us t0 guide our lives...briefly,,to make a simple "calculation" for every action that we're about to take.....
lets have a watch :

~~see,,how allah has created the knowledge for it's own good...
how mesmerizing right ^^


Sunday, 28 April 2013


~i am so human indeed...It's really has been quite sometimes since i last having a thumb through this blog..
              ~ i used to admit that my blog is just my fairyland before,,,till then,,i begin to change up my mind..
----whenever i got something to be blurted,,or maybe to be shared,,blog,,twitter,,facebook aren't exactly things that come cross my mind...
      ----hmm,,maybe i've just created those for fun..**FUN??**err,,maybe just sort of babbling...yess,,u would have to agree wf me ,,whenever u talk on something,,u would probably feel as if your burdens flow out together wf your words...blog layout could be my 'motivation fairyland',,,just in case when i need ones~~

doing mistakes by mistakes...keep repeating the same..
sometimes i have to admit this..i felt guilty...,,then i ask forgiveness from my Lord,,then,,,commit the sin again..
its just like i'm not serious wf my repentance..shame on me.. shame..then,,when it c0mes to shaytan's whisper,,zahira might someh0w 'lost her balance'..

exactly..indeed Allah is!!
you might wonder to know why i wrote this entry,,pretty sure it does sound like a bitch who had created big + mess sins...to be brief,,a bulk of...
well,,it's up to you to judge..but basically,,i just tend to write this entry wf my heart openly...wf the reality,,that i am just a human,,who belongs to the Lord,,yess,,to my lord,--ALLAH S.W.T
it's not necessarily for us to have a repentance just only after committing sins right??
in fact,,we should try to avoid any any any any....
okay,,actually,,this entry was immediately initiated just after having a read from ''ceramah'' by  imam muda asyraf,,err,,to be brief,,from other's experience.... ((luls nampak nau iman i turun naik, dan2 lepas ceramah insaf jap))
u know,,i just read the main content of that 'ceramah' ,written by a friend...,.,there's a question regarding repentance::
"ustaz, will Allah accept our taubah (repentance) eventhough we keep commiting sins and after that seek for forgiveness, and the cycle goes on ?"

then,,what did he answered??

''ALLAH loves the one who seeks for HIS forgiveness,,it shows that your heart is still pure..you feel guilty for committing sins,,,and you try to put all the things back...."

reading this,,and i was just like a  ''yezzzaa'' ...
thanks to allah f0r HIS forgiveness...
this someh0w remind me that nobody on this world perfect,,,yet,,there's always room for improvement guys...

~~n again,,this entry is just sort of my motivation...

~when the sun goes down,,and the light burns out,,then its time for you to shine,,,brighter than shooting star,,,so shine no matter where you are...

!!!!goshhh,,its just a song,,okay readers,,lets cut the crap off~~
but,,again,,i repeat,,**high enthusiasm,,,
''i believe,,there's nothing impossible to a willing heart...''

right,,after a long break from blogging,,now i'm not pretty sure how to end my entry...
but,,of all i know,,,is,,by remembering ALLAH in my little heart...

“Katakanlah (Wahai Muhammad), jika benar kamu mencintai Allah, maka ikutilah aku, nescaya Allah akan mencintaimu & mengampunkan dosa-dosamu . Sesungguhnya Dia Maha Pengampun lagi Maha Penyayang.”
(Surah Ali-Imran 3 : 31)

~~Do strive for jannah okay,,whenever,,wherever we are,,remember,,for what we were created
;) s0rt of remembrance for myself...
till then !