Friday, 22 April 2016

Little journey~

((i am too sleepy right now, but yupsiee,,my passion for writing, sometimes is inexplicable weehooo! So, let's come out with an entry. A simple one.~~((let's hope it will be really simple,,iolszz kalau dah membebel susah nak stop, kalau mood nak senyap tu, sepatah tanya, sepatah jugak lah jawabnya)) ))

One thing that i realized ever since it was a 3rd year journey, i got sooooo many journals to be read. So many research to be done. So many academic papers to be revised. Dan buku subjek2 di "medan peperangan" ini yg harus ditelaah. Yer lah, i am not that kind of person yg rajin bebenor nak attend all conferences. Sometimes tu, kalau ada hawa nak tengok biz world tu pun kira boleh bersyukur taww!! Hehe.
Me is a bit degil sometimes. A bit conservative in my own way. But i do like reading so much. As a result, i got so many journals in my list right now .((lantaklah korang nk call me as number geeks/ nerdy/lame etc..)) ((tapi i memang boring pun orgnya hihihi..*gelak guling-guling*)). But yeah, i will feel so much satisfied if i obtain some useful facts through my own reading. Rasa macam 'wow',,'i know it, i can prove to you the source from where i got that facts'...'nayyy,,you can't cheat on me'...bla bla..((perasan lah this girlzz))
To read is easy. Everybody can read. But remember!! To read without understanding the content will be just like eating, without digesting it. So, dah alang2 membaca tu, mestilah analyse sekali kan,,,and there we go...literature review, methodology, data, analysis of a final year project : THESIS.
Basically research yg tip top ni ((berdasarkn pengalaman2 org hebat2 )), mestilah produced through good reading from many sources.Your patience should be high enough for that purpose.
((Ya Allah, kurniakanlah zahirah kesabaran,kegigihan dan kebijaksanaan dlm menyiapkan thesis menjelang semester depan ...aminnn))

I sit in front of the laptop for quite sometimes. Not just for journals-reading, but for coding too. That was Financial Engineering ,where i have to run the program on financial instruments. My eyebags from Chanel, so,,nothing much lah kann.. :p
((Tunjuk sikit penampakan eyebag yg jelas lagi nyata)) sedih lah uhuksz.

Tapi, i believe in what allah s.w.t has promised...allah pandang usaha hamba2Nya, n surely, setiap benda baik yg kita buat tu, mesti akan dibalas dgn kebaikan jgk. So just bear with it.

See, i wrote so much. Sebenarnya nak cerita, today i went to Ministry of Finance n INCEIF (the global university of islamic finance).
Do you know, $1 fall of oil price per barrel will approximately cause a loss of MYR300mil to our country? This was the  result when our country won't be able to profit more from the yield produced.
(look at the red font)
According to current account, hasil negara is still surplus to cover up for managing fund. It is somehow not to cater with the massive development nowadays. But surely we'll be needed more facilities such as schools, hospitals, as the population grows. This explain that huge number on ''hutang'' column. And, accordingly, our current economic is claimed globally as only mediumly indebted, which means, still under control. ((don't ask me further on sensitive issue,cuz that would be narrative hehe))

~belanjawan negara~

dan,kalau rujuk slide atas ni, negara2 yg jauh lebih maju such as Japan, we can obviously notice that their debt(based on GDP), is undeniably greater from our country. This is because Japan's government encourage it's citizen to spend more instead of saving. In fact, the real rate of interest in Japan is negative. They want to create more demand for myriad of industries that rapidly emerging in their own country. And needless to say, big investment always comes with bigger risk. Every request has it's own price. Hoping that Malaysia can stand as strong as those country one fine day.

Jadi sebenarnya, nak buat belanjawan bukan lah benda se'simple' ABC. For students, pernah tak terfikir why on earth would the amount of books voucher given is fixed to RM250? Kenapa tak lebih? Dan kenapa tak kurang? Dan kenapa jumlah tersebut tak diberi dalam bentuk cash? Apa risikonya? 
And as for bantuan rakyat, kenapa sejumlah wang yg diberi? Kenapa bukan fasiliti yg disediakn sebagai bantuan? Dalam bahasa mudah, instead of bagi "ikan" ,why don't mereka bagi "joran" sebagai membantu?
Mungkin di sebalik kutukan yg kita selalu dengar, patut diselitkan sekali dengan inisiatif utk berfikir. Mungkin betul/ mungkin tidak isu di sebalik kutukan itu, bukan sepenuhnya tugas kita utk menghakimi. We should take the positive side of it, learn how to make it right, so that when we are really well-versed in that room of knowledge, we are able to help in mending it to be right again.
It's not an easy task tho.
It's a big challenge for us.
To have that talent, beyond the paper, to articulate knowledge.
But if god will, and when it's a right thing, surely will be eased.

-it's a talk by Mr David Vicary//or his Islam name, Daud Abdullah, a pro in islamic finance, CEO of INCEIF, who used to be a global leader in Deloitte(one of the big 4 acc company globally).

- n this is the 3rd time i got the opportunity to have an academic discussion with prof Dr Eskandar. You can read here on an entry i wrote previously. He was great in knowledge, yet a humble person.
I'm so glad for having those opportunities to learn from great people.

Daaa,It's past midnight and i should have slept by now.

May be blessed viewers ! :)